Low Level Laser

The therapy innovation of light

Laser is all around us in everyday life.  In addition to the application of cashier devices, CD players and presentation tools, the bundled synchronous light rays can also be used in the therapeutic field.  Based on low level laser therapy, also called soft laser therapy or LLLT, a method of therapy has been developed and scientific analysis shows great potential with its gentle but effective treatment of many ailments.

HandyCure’s soft laser therapy uses only the healthy wavelengths of laser light in the 900 +/- 50nm range.  Since the low level laser uses 1-3 milliwatts of power, a secure application is guaranteed.  The laser has no noticeable heat production durimg treatment.

Helps directly in the cells

The mode of action of low-level laser therapy is as simple as it is ingenious: Cell membranes must be polarized to allow nutrients into the cell.  This way the low level laser therapy ensures that damaged cells achieve a healthy state in a very short time.

Irradiation with soft lasers results in immediate positive local effects. An expansion of the blood vessels ensures increased blood flow. In addition, metabolic functions are stimulated and lymphatic drainage is improved. In the second step the low level laser helps with the formation of the so-called photoproducts, which play a very important role in curing inflammation, pain relief and wound healing.

Whether by tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome, these features make Soft laser is the perfect tool for the treatment of chronic pain. The application can also significantly contribute to healing acute skin diseases.