Simple application from home therapy to professional needs

For professional therapists magnetic field, red and infrared light applications have long been the standard tools of the trade. The featured low-level laser therapy, also known as soft laser therapy, has also been established as a recognized method of treatment. One thing all these treatment methods have in common:  The devices are not only very expensive, but also usually very difficult to use.  In addition, these therapeutic irradiation methods have not yet been applied in combination.  The developers from Medical Quant offer a solution to these problems:  The Handy Cure.

The HandyCure is currently the only available device on the market that presents soft laser beams (laser class 1M, power 0.5 to 6.5 mW, wavelength 900 +/- 50 nm), infrared radiation (power 30-90 mW, wavelength 860 960 nm), visible red light (power 2-10 mW, wavelength 600-740 nm) and static magnetic fields (25-45 mT) in one value pack.. HandyCure is the only laser device approved for pain treatment at home in the USA.  There is one main reason for this:  The application of HandyCure is easy.

The Handy Cure.

  • is easy to use and requires no professional knowledge
  • combines four recognized medical treatments in one compact, affordable device
  • can be applied without skin contact and has no side effects
  • can be used in the treatment of various diseases, thanks to its diverse frequencies

According to the idea “user friendliness meets treatment diversity” HandyCure users can choose between three preset programs with the touch of a button.  Depending on the configuration, the HandyCure sends various pulse frequencies that penetrate different depths in the body.  This innovative mode of action makes it possible to treat a variety of ailments with only one device.

Here is an example of application:
During treatment the HandyCure is simply held in close distance from the appropriate place.  For larger areas, the unit is easily moved back and forth.  The best way to achieve the desired results is to apply HandyCure directly to the skin. Another example is the possibility of treatment through bandages. With a maximum duration of 5 minutes, the HandyCure is also a very time-saving method of therapy.