Handy Cure s’ – General Information

Innovative therapy in your own hands

Until now a variety of devices promised to alleviate –  or even cure – a variety of symptoms. HandyCure combines recognized and innovative healing methods such as laser and infrared therapy and magnetic field treatment together into a unique high-tech product. The compact design allows it to provide a relaxation moment quickly and easily at any time. A user-friendly operating concept makes it possible that even novice users will be able to carry out effective and targeted treatment. Thanks to its unique mode of operation, HandyCure combines immediate action with long-lasting effects.

The HandyCure can help you discover a new life without tension and pain. Its mode of action, which utilizes among others innovative low-level laser, also makes it possible to accelerate the healing of inflamed or injured tissue. The HandyCure allows you to carry out a thorough, painless and non-invasive pain and wound care as home therapy without side effects – and with only five minutes per application. The HandyCure was currently only allowed in the United States for private use and has secured a solid place among therapists, athletes and home users. We now finally bring the innovative medical device with official EU certificate to the European continent.

It doesn’t matter if it only hurts a little bit from time to time or if you have chronic pain – you should choose the HandyCure because the it relies on an unprecedented blend of proven and recognized treatments such as…

  • Soft laser radiation
  • Infrared radiation
  • Cold pulse red light
  • and a static magnetic field

… to cure effectively and lastingly a variety of common and often not properly treated complaints such as…

  • tendon and joint pain
  • stress injuries
  • Muscular tension
  • and sports injuries

… hochwirksam, effektiv und nachhaltig zu kurieren.

Improve your quality of life instantly and order your HandyCure today!