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    Handy Cure in Finland

    VitaTrade Finland Ltd/MediVendo has been selling the Handy Cure in Finland since the end of 2010.
    Laser therapy was a very unknown when we started. Especially in the beginning we used a lot of direct
    marketing to certain groups of people, such as physiotherapists and massage therapists. Not only to human
    therapists, but also to animal therapists. We also contacted a magazine who tested the Handy Cure, and wrote
    a small article about it. After that we have had some advertisements in magazines, and we have also used
    Google-marketing. And we have frequently done some marketing in certain big sports events. These sports
    events have often been on the sports news in TV, and seen by a very large number of people. These are only
    some examples of how we have been marketing the Handy Cure in Finland.
    We have also used some resellers, but most of the devices we sell through our web shop.
    In the beginning we found a lot of scepticism towards the Handy Cure. Laser therapy was not yet known in
    Finland then. During the years laser therapy has become more known, and also the Handy Cure. Because of the
    fact that we have almost free health care in Finland, it is not always so very easy to get people to buy
    something like a Handy Cure for themselves. But it has been very interesting to notice that it is often very much
    easier to get people to buy the Handy Cure for treating their dogs and horses.
    Now, since the Handy Cure has become more known in Finland, many of our satisfied customers does a very
    good job in marketing it for us by spreading the word about the effectiveness of the device. Word spreads fast,
    and through Google people find us and our web shop.
    We have got a lot of good feedback from our customers. For example there are several athletes, with different
    kinds of pain and wounds that have got help from the Handy Cure. In many cases the laser treatment has
    fastened their recovery remarkably, and made it possible for them to take part in important competitions.
    We have also heard about satisfied Handy Cure users that have got help, for example, with knee and heel
    problems, with different kind of back pain, with arthritis, hip joint problems and even skin problems.
    We have also some experience of our own on how Handy Cure can fasten the wound healing after surgery.
    We have also got a lot of very positive feedback from people treating animals with the Handy Cure, mostly dogs
    and horses. We believe that nowadays a great number of our customers are buying the Handy Cure especially
    for treating animals.

    VitaTrade Finland Ltd/MediVendo
    Barbro Långström & Tapio Jouhki


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