Inflammation, tension, fascial tissue, pain on tendons and joints …

The Softlaser Handy Cure’s can help!

It doesn’t matter if it is acute muscular tension, chronic tendon and joint pain or serious sport injuries: In the USA, Handy Cure s’ has secured a solid position among therapists, athletes and home users with its innovative way of action. We now made sure that European costumers can finally enjoy the first medical product that combines soft laser, infrared radiation, cold pulse red light and a static magnetic field in one device.

Handy Cure s’, with this unique blend of proven and accepted methods of treatment,  can help a variety of common and often not properly treated complaints profoundly, painlessly, noninvasively and without side effects. With Handy Cure s’ you have everything you need in hand for an immediate, but also long-lasting, therapy success.

Only 5 minutes after use, Handy Cure s’, with its unique mix of magnetic field, red and infrared light and low level laser therapie (LLLT), can:

  • reduce acute and chronic muscle pain and tension
  • reduce inflammations
  • improve blood circulation (microcirculation)
  • increase celullar energy (ATP)

We want to make sure that you can simply take personalized therapy in your own hands. Order your HHandy Cure s’ today!